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Sunday, March 20, 2005

loss followed by loss will not get me down.

today, only a few days after my grandma passed, DH and I had to put our 13 year old Black cat to sleep.

Whitey, aka FATSO( because she use to weigh lots of lbs) was sick with either cancer or FIP or cancer of the abdominal lining and organs. I miss her so much already. I took her up there to Webster vet and they did xrays, US and fluid tap on the abdomen. My cat was suffering this past week and now we know why. The vet said she was sure that Fatso had cancer, but was not sure if she also had the FIP. After discussing this with DH, he joined me at the vet and we decided to stop the suffering that Fatso was going through. I held her in my arms while she was given her shot to ease her heartbeat and then it stopped, she went limp in my arms and was in heaven! I am sad, I cried my way home in the car, but we will have her cremated and I will buy a nice memorial box to keep her close to us soon.

here is a picture

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