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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter brings the ol' witch...

so sweet... instead of a basket full of candy, mine is a drawer full of tampons. SORRY , Yes, it is too much info for you, but for me blogging this is seems to be the only way to keep track of my cycles. When I am on a Benched, no cycle plan I don't care, but this is getting me closer to the idea of a cycle of IVF happening soon. like weeks from starting our first shots if we go with the lupron protocol.

Speaking of lupron, have you ever been on that nasty stuff? It is a drug used in IVF prep to inactivate the ovaries... I know, why inactivate them? Well you need to keep them quiet for a few weeks until you are ready to shock your system with MEGA Hormones. I mean MEGA. So you throw your system into a memopausal stage and then do a 180 degree turn with major doses of hormones to kick the ovaries into gear to produce as many as 20-30 follies and hopefully as many eggs in those follies to go to retrieval so the eggies and spermies can meet by ICSIin the most romantic setting possible for makaing a baby... in a Lab! HAHAHAHA

Oh back to lurpon and the side effects.. OMG can you say HOT FLASH city and one of the oddest headaches you will ever have ! Now I understand why menopausal women have such a hard time with hormone shifts!

Ok, back to studying for my Intermediate Windows XP class final tomorrow night.

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