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Saturday, March 12, 2005

post hysteroscopy

My hysteroscopy/septum resection went very well. I did have a delay due to a mishap with instructions on when I could eat last. LOL I was told I could eat up until 8 am but it was suppose to be 8 hours before could be the last thing to eat. Oops.. the 8 am deadline was what was written on my appointment card! Dr. A was wonderful about talking the anesthiologist in to letting me wait unitl around 4 pm to have surgery... Amy I think her name was... she was very nice about it,.... just had to find a babysitter in order to stay later for my surgery. I know I bumped several people on their consult times and I am so sorry for that... but I could not come back another day for surgery and I think my tears hit dr. A in the heart and made him feel bad for me. yikes.

today there is less bleeding than last night and now I have a mix of CM! JOY... not. What a tease that CM can be when you can't do the dirty deed with DH and when you are also TUBELESS IN ST. LOUIS.

I look forward to being about to cyclc soon. DR. A was very kind in saying that we will cycle sooner that later even if we would have had to delay the surgery.

I like their office set up and look forward to retrieval day.
I have to call Monday for my updated reports and Dh's test results and to schedule a fluid US before we can move forward for our cycle.... yet thinking that a cycle is so close is exciting.

Oh... Hugs to mae! Roller coaster rides SUX
Pulling for you and your family for good news soon!... I am here for you.


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