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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby, it was Well worth the trip to Imperial Missouri

Today, my mom and I set up vendor booth (easy up tent awning and several tables) at the Creative Learning Center parking lot at Seckman Rd and Old Lemay Ferry in Imperial MO. This was a baby swap meet that was listed on craigslist a few weeks back. My mom called and ordered one space, but After a few days of gathering up my items that Julia has grown out of, I asked my mom to get two spaces and we would share the space. Glad we did because we had a ton of items to sell. My mom makes homemade baby items like blanket, bibs, pillows, the baby bottle holders I use to sell (she is still selling on ebay). I got rid of about 140.00 worth of items and clothes. SWEET. I'll be sure to do this sale again next week. The lady that runs the center said they plan on making this an annual sale and we would be first on her list and get prime pick of the spots in the lot. We were 2 sellers of only 5 total so I think we will do well with this type of sale next year again.

Sure, setting up a yard sale is hard work, especially if you have to take your items some place else besides just outside your home, but I do feel this is a great opportunity to join a swap meet / baby sale that might grow as big as the mehlville baby mania sale that is held twice a hear, spring & fall. I still have lots of items to sell so my mom, sister and I plan on getting a booth at the mehlville sale in October.

Julia, your bank account is growing fast if I can keep up these sales of items you are growing out of.

I know, we could have kept it all for when we do adopt again one day, but in my small house I don't have storage like I would love to have and no garage so I can't keep it here. With being a bargain shopper that I am, I know I'll be able to replenish my supply of items we will need for baby #2 when that comes time in a few years.

As I sit here typing this out, I am also peeking over at my daughter that is getting flustered because she can't get the drum stick on the little tikes zylaphone to work right. She just can't grasp the concept that the drum stick needs to hit the keys instead of her inserting it in her mouth. LOL

This past week I picked up a picture of DH, Julia and I. I showed it to Julia and pointed to Dada for her. She looked at the picture and said "Dada" without me provoking her. hehe.

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