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Sunday, May 11, 2008

she does a new trick for my mother's day gift

Today has been such a wonderful day (yet her birthmother is on my mind lots)....

today I woke up to Julia laying in her crib smiling at me through her soothie binkie. She reached up for me to pick her up. Ok, melt my heart, especially on my first Mother's Day. What a gift, what a blessing, what a love unknown until now.

we played, we ate, we slept a little and then we rolled out of bed to go visit family.

before we left for visiting family I noticed she had been on her belly and in the blink of my eye (yes, I missed it that quick), she turned herself around and into an up sitting position. From her belly she did this. YEAH. another milestone. This new trick of hers confirms my thoughts that she will be crawling very very soon. she is up on her knees and hands rocking back and forth and looks like a leapfrog even bringing her hands up off the floor in this position. too cute.

Agenda is to get a new toy box for the living room to put all her noise toys in. Any suggestions on what kind of container/toy box to buy? again stimulating the economy like bush wants me to. LOL

Children .. what a gift. a precious gift.

with every tear I shed
there comes joy to be fed.
sleepless nights and worry of when
but looking at you now makes me forget the bad zen

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Janet MNS said...

Hi Becky!

For Victoria, we have the Limited Edition Toy Box by KidKraft in our living room -- it goes with our furniture. It serves its purpose, (but it is not the largest or cheapest of containers).

Janet (from the Google group)