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Saturday, May 03, 2008

we need to make weekends longer for the working folk

See, by time I go to dinner or a Cardinals vs. Cubs game like last night and then do some yard sales today along with meeting up with a bunch of other mothers and kiddo's from our former infertility support group, my weekend is virtually over.

I'll post a picture or two of Julia's first trip to the Cardinals game. She got to see them play against the Chicago Cubs. She was so good. I used my homemade moby wrap (thanks mom) to carry her and she loved it. She got to face out to the crowd and just had a good time checking everything and everyone out. Welcome to a true St. Louis Cardinals Fan.

The bunnies (4) are all doing ok. I finally found the heating pad to put under the cage and it has really helped with keeping them nice and snuggled warm.

Today we are heading to the Mehlville baby mania sale with my sister, mom, aunt and Julia. FUN.

Then we are meeting up with the group of friends I mentioned above. So much fun. We are going to Faust Park in Chesterfield MO. Never been there. I can't wait. I'll be sure to take a few pictures of Ms. Julia.

Oh, her newest trick, Waving and saying bye-bye. I haven't got it on film yet, but I promise I will. She is so quick to learn these things.

ok, off to baby mania


Michelle said...

I feel your pain! Last weekend we had so much fun and were so busy, I didn't make it to grocery shop. Which was fine, til it was time to throw something together for dinner Monday night! I think three day weekends should be a rule!

Enjoy baby's new tricks!

Two Lines On a Stick said...

It was so cold at Baby mania! We were there and I felt so bad for the workers whose stuff kept blowing over :( Did you guys get a lot of good deals?? I spent about $50 and finished Bailey's summer wardrobe and made a good dent into her fall clothing. I was pleased- plus I think people were more willing to negotiate because it was cold and business wasn't as good as other times.

tubelessstl said...

Oh, I need to grocery shop tomorrow evening. I like to do by coupons so it takes me longer. I'll beg DH to keep Julia at home with him. LOL

I did get some great bargains there today. I was probably standing near you when we went in. We got there at 7:35 and waited. LOL Crazy we are. I got some summer sandals that adjust. Some summer tops and fall pants outfits, a winter Rothschild's coat and gloves. Books too, of course.