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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Stimulous check at work, stimulating the economy the baby way

I have to say that this stimulus check is at work as Bush wants it to be. We stimulated the economy by buying Julia a new "convertible" car seat. We bought a britax marathon in onyx.

I know, you all might say, why spend so much (we didn't pay as much as what my link to amazon shows!!!! but we did get it on amazon last night for much cheaper). This is what we decided on and I have no qualms about it. Our daughter will be safe. I work for a car insurance company so they insist on using new car seats. I believe in this so we researched and bought new. You never know what you will be getting from a used car seat from somebody these days. You can check recalls online, but you will never know if that seat has been in a vehicle involved in an accident. I will not compromise the life of our child by buying used.

Julia is around 16.5 lbs (or maybe more now since I have not weighed her in a week) and she is growing so long I can't even keep count of how many inches she is now. Maybe 27" or maybe just over 27" and she is not even 7.5 months old yet. Her feet stick out over the end of the baby seat she is in now by about 2". I think once she hits 18 lbs we will put the new carseat in my vehicle (DH will get the cosco brand of seat for his truck.). It will face the rear of my little Tribute, but I know it is only a few short months before she can ride facing forward.

This little girl is growing up too fast, but I love watching it happen.

Today we visited a local blogger to pick up some avon and shop her yard sale. It was fun meeting her in person. Sorry we missed her daughter. Julia was wide awake and was wanting to play. hehe Maybe we can meet up at the Zoo or Shaw's Garden soon. I hate not being off during the week because I seem to miss all the places in town that have free events/admission for kids!

While hitting yard sales today, I had so many compliments on Julia's eyes. She has radiant blue eyes that look so cool in the sunshine. So many people said they love her eyes. I do too. When Julia heard them talking to her, she turned around (I had my home made ultimate wrap on) and looked at me for approval to smile back at those people. She was so cute. I find more and more that she mimics what we do. If I grunt, she grunts. If I say "where's dada", she says dada. When I gently slap my open hand on the table in a pattern, she does the same to that beat of mine. here is a recent pic of those pretty blue eyes.

Talking about these things makes my day. It all makes sense now, this is the way life is suppose to be, a big happy family of 3.

Happy Mother's day to me and all you mom's out there.


Sarah-Lynn and Andrew's mom said...

wvYou will never regret getting a carseat like that. I bought the Britax Wizard for the twins (eventhough MIL told me that they didn't need anything that $$$), and have been so happy with my decision to get them. They will not need another carsear again.

You can not put a price on their safety or what you feel is best for them.

stljoie said...

It is with so much pleasure that I wish you a happy mothers day. And it is just your first. Hope your second adoption is soon and as successful.

Two Lines On a Stick said...

Happy mother's day! It was fun getting to meet you yesterday. I wish Bailey could have been there to see Julia. We will have to get them together one of these days.

Mutha Mae said...

27 inches! That girl is going to be TALL!