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Monday, May 05, 2008

Ummm, is this a bad thing? Pigeon flies into the side of our house

and dies. I was cooking dinner tonight and heard a huge thud outside the back window, but I was too busy keeping the little one fed and cooking some italian breaded chicken breasts I was just putting in the oven to bake. I didn't pay attention to what it might have been other than a bird that "oops" hit the house. DH then came home from his final test in his class at Forest Park community college and went to let the dogs out. He had to quickly halt them and told me to come look. It was a dead adult pigeon laying flat on its back with a broken neck. Ewww, bloody too. Smack dab into the back of our house, that is one dumb dead pigeon now.

Is this something of any means? Does it mean we will have bad or good things happen to our house? OH PLEASE let it be all good things that happen.

Ok City folk, ONE less pigeon cooing on my neighbors front porch. I do love animals, but these things are dirty and make way too much noise when one wants to sleep or have a quiet moment outside. God Rest his soul, but how dumb can you be to fly directly into a brick wall of a house? Doh.

Meanwhile, I am down to 3 bunnies and it looks like soon down to 2. The smaller of the two furless bunnies didn't make it through the night Saturday. Its sibling with no fur does have its eyes open now, but still has little to no fur and is seeming to be very weak. BUT the other two bunnies are thriving. They bolt to the cage door every time I open it. I mean a full on hop! Sweet.

I was reading up online today about hand raising little wild bunnies and less than 1/2 of them survive from hand raising. I can tell you I did this hand raising a few years back and they survived just fine. Here are those bunnies in the backyard a few days before I released them into the wild through a friend that has property in Salem MO.

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katd said...

Oh no! I had a bird fly into my windshield on the highway once. It was so icky!
On a happier note, those bunnies are the absolute cutest things ever! :)