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Sunday, February 04, 2007

reminder to set my tivo

dr. phil has a story on in 2 parts about an adoption scammer. Lady posing to be pg that has scammed potential parents.

Dr. Phil is doing a show on Adoption Scams will air on Feb. 22(Part 1)
and Feb. 23 (Part 2).
You can see a clip of it here:

dr. phil on youtube
oourtsey of lynn on the yahoo adoption scam group


KD said...

I watched a Dateline episode on an adoption spammer. Five minutes after she was crying to the prospective adoption parents about not having enough money to buy food and they give her a $100 Wal*Mart card, she's at Wal*Mart with her GF buying baby clothes and diapers. When she finally came clean, you found out she'd done the same thing to at least 3 other couples. Stupid b*tch. She should be sterilized.

tubelessstl said...

Yes, that scammer on Dateline was Amy Ost.. or a.k.a...crystal, .. go out to google and type amy ost, adoption scams and you will find a bunch of crap. She is in jail right now and many couples are working with authorities to try hard to keep her in jail for scamming.