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Saturday, February 17, 2007

1 year ago, can you believe it?

One year ago this week (including next week) we were turning in our first rounds of paperwork associated with our homestudy process for domestic adoption of our first baby.

I got the homestudy renewal packet from the agency and have been looking at it for the past few weeks. Doing nothing about it yet, until today. I cracked it open and started filling out the background check sheets that we have to send off to the state highway patrol for Criminal Records and Identification division. Then we have forms to get our physicals done. I have my physical booked with our primary doc on March 9th and DH has his booked on the 13th I think (we have the same doc btw) . With those full physicals we need to do we also have to have a TB test. We then have to book a visit with our social worker and submit the payment of 350.00 to complete the homestudy update. Not sure if that visit is in her office or in our home. If it is in our home, I will tell you that I won't freak out and clean clean clean like a fool. I will clean, yet, but I won't go overboard either like we did last year. LOL If anyone has been through the home visit part of the homestudy then you know what I am talking about... Prep for the White Glove inspection type of cleaning. Ha

Things are rolling forward, but man let me tell you I am so wishing for the phone to ring with any udpates of potential situations to come in through our agency or the agency we are in the pbm pool in KS. Oh Phone ring.. ring ring.

I was recently asked by a friend, " How are you dealing with having to wait so long for any calls?". Well To be honest I can't grasp that we have been homestudy ready for nearly a year already. I mean, it really seems only like 6 months ago that we did the homestudy, but it really has been nearly 11 months ago. We both have very busy jobs so that helps pass the time. I am working hard on my EBAY items for sale trying to gather up the funds to help pay cash for each step of the process. So far we have 251.00 to help pay the 350.00 homestudy renewal fee. YEAH. (oh wait, I forgot that we had to use some of that money towards our sick kitty- gizmo! and yes, she is doing much better with her insulin shots and diabetic food now).

Oops, I got off track......So back to talking about the time passing. I look forward to when the time really is OUR TIME for that right call to say we have been matched and selected by a potential birthmother (pbm). I know when we first got to sit down with our agency, she told us it could be up to 18 months for a match to possibly happen. So while we approach the 12 month mark, I am saying prayers, tugging on DH to say his prayers too, and asking for come patience to keep our chins up and think forward to that day when we get the call instead of sulking for not having a match yet.

The adoption support group in town is helping keep my Sanity. Thanks to D for running the meetings. She is a true inspriation to help us keep our minds focused forward and hopeful. She and the others that attend the meeting really do get it and really do understand that sometimes the wait is hard to deal with but realizing in the end when we have our baby it will all be well worth the wait. They can help me break down the fears I have. They help me remain confident we made the right decisions in the path of becoming parents through and within adoption. The Last IAS adoption meeting was great because we talked about the fears of waiting for a match, what to expect when we do get that call and what to pack if we have to travel out of town to meet our future baby and potentially the birth family.

We learned that it is not necessary to take a pack-n-play, it is ok if we need to get a 2 bedroom suite so one of us can sleep while the other will most likely be awake feeding or changing or bonding with our baby. It is ok to not pack TONS of supplies because more likely than not there will be a Wally-Mart or Target, or nice grocery store near you so you can buy diapers, bottles, formula, etc. Just pack sleepers, clothes, and some simple newborn or basic baby care items if needed. We can always get an extra cheap suitcase to send this all home if flying in from out of town.

D helped to allay the fears of another lady that has dogs, she was afraid the homestudy will go badly if her dogs are around while the social worker is in her house for the home visit of the homestudy. We have 3 lab mix doggies and 1 kitty. So we know it is possible to pass your homestudy with animals in the house. We love our doggies and kitty to the core so I would not want the social worker to have not met them. She even interacted with them and calmed them down from stranger barking at first too.

Ok, back to writing that 10.00 check for the background checks and finding a legal sized business envelope in this house so I can address these papers to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Criminal Records and Identification Division.

Anyone else have to renew their homestuday? If so, was your renewal visit with the social worker at your home or at their office?

One small update on my Weight Watchers weigh in. Today was week 8 of weigh ins and I have managed to lose another .8 lbs. So my total weight loss is now 12 lbs. YEAH. I feel good. My clothes are fitting better and honestly I can't wait until the start to get really baggy. That gives me a push to keep dropping the weight. I want new clothes for work, but I want to reach my 10% goal of a loss of nearly 22 lbs. Yes, That is my 10%. Yikes, but just glad I am 1/2 way there. I don't have a set weight loss goal, but to keep chugging the lbs off me is my goal.


Millie said...

Good luck with your renewal. I hope the phone rings very quickly indeed.

We have the first meeting with our adoption class as a support group tomorrow. Your group sounds great and I hope ours is like that.

And congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome.

stlouisgal said...

I can't believe that a year has passed already. My prayers continue for you and DH, that your wait for a child will soon be over.