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Saturday, February 03, 2007

What's Happening?

Ok, I am ready for Spring. I mean SPRING. Not HOT weather. I am done liking all this snow and ice and snow. I am ready to work on a garden of veggies. I am ready to go camping. DH is ready too. He keeps telling me that every evening when we are at home. I am ready to bbq and eat out on the deck. I am ready for a nice long SPRING filled with decent temps.

I am keeping busy with the ebay stuff and am going to try my arm at selling on Craigslist again. So far we have another 200.00 saved up on my ebay sales, but my ebay invoice is coming out soon. Ouch. Anyone sell on ebay that can give me tips on how to open and run an ebay store? Is it worth it? I think if I can expose my sales more I would get more business, but am I making enough to do that? What kinds of fees are associated with a store? Listing/Sold fees I mean.

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