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Friday, February 09, 2007

Oh kitty I love you so, but why are you so expensive? Part 2

Finally after a long few days wait I called the vets office tonight to see if they had gotten the blood results for dear kitty, Gizmo. The doctor was not in, arrgghhhh. I was told to call back tomorrow (Saturday). BUT Just after eating dinner tonight (1 hour after calling the office) the Vet himself called me back from his home. I think the office called him and told him to call me after I called to check in and was not happy about not having gotten a call from him as promised no later than today.

So the verdict is that Gizmo has Diabetes.

Well, this is no surprise to me. She has all the classic symptoms of this disease. We have done nothing wrong to cause this, but more so he mentioned her age as one of the major contributors that has brought this on plus the fact that she is not on the best diet food. We get to buy some nice yummy food for her and then give her shots.

So he asked me to book an appointment soon (Monday) and bring Gizmo back in so he can give me a prescription to take to the local corner (HUMAN) pharmacy to get insulin and needles and so that he can give me a class in giving 2 shots daily to my poor non-suspecting kitty. Poor girl.

A funny thing is that I DON'T NEED a shot class. Ok, I am sure I can learn a quick tip or two from the vet on how to keep the kitty still while I give her shots, but little does he know that I have managed to give myself over 600 shots in all my 5 fresh IVF cycles and 1 frozen and IUI cycle (well ok, kudos to DH helped me with the PIO shots in the hips). So I am sure the drawing up of the insulin into the needle will be easily remembered and the kitty will be happy she has someone that knows how to administer shots to her instead of an uneasy, trembling hand.

I am sad I have to give her shots, but if it means a happy kitty, MORE POWER TO HER, literally. The hard part of prepping for her shots in the future is actually finding her in the house because she sure has some interesting hiding/resting places throughout. She loves to snuggle up in the clothes I have stacked up in the basement laundry room. She loves to go downstairs in the family room so if she is out in the open I can easily take the shot to her, but I will be on the hunt for her here and there.

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