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Sunday, February 11, 2007

weight be gone

Ok.. WW's weigh in was a great suprise today (Saturday) with a loss of 2.8 lbs. This is week 7 of ww's( but really week 13 because I skipped a few weigh in's here and there) .. so my total is :

DOWN 11.2 lbs. WOOOHOOO!
My weeks went like this...
11/11/06: starting weight 218.2
11/18/06: -5.2 lbs
12/2/ 06: -1 lb
12/9/06: -0.6 lb
1/20/07: -1.6 lbs (yes, I managed to lose weight during the holidays wink.gif
2/3/07: did not lose anything, but did not gain either
2/10/07: -2.8 lbs

starting weight: 219.2
current weight: 208
goal: I use to say 145, but I am just happy with anything less than today's weight.


I have not been exercising like I need so my goal in the next week is to walk at least 4 miles in 5 days. We have a walking track at work (temporarily) so I will walk as much as possible.

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