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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

you can't win if you don't play.. guess what.....

I played and I won....

this is the promotion: http://wil92.com/?sid=440082&nid=145 *copy and paste, I am having troubles posting that as a link*

I got a call on my cell this AM at 7:30... I missed it. My home phone immediatly rang.. I caught that call. I was not sure who it was, but since they called my cell, I knew I had to answer it. me:"Hello?" other end"is this Becky?" me:"yes", other end"I like the name becky, how are you doing this morning?" me"Who is the?" other end"Cornbread" ... OMG.. I was in shock. I had applied for the promotion with a letter of appeal to help start our fund for adoption and CORNBREAD paid our bill. OMG. I was shocked, but so so excited.

I was aked to explain our story about our struggle through the 6.5 years of infertility and miscarriages and about our start to the road to adoption and Cornbread then deemed our bill paid. I had wrote this story in a letter and with it I submitted our mortgage payment for a month and he paid it. I was so thankful and shocked and excited that I was crying. Fun.

My thought in life is... if you don't play or apply, you won't have a chance in hell for them to even tell you NO, sorry you did not get it or you did not win or... etc... SO I applied and we were selected 2nd out of at least 300 applicants so far. He is giving away various amounts of money to each recipient and we were so blessed with them to cover this one mortgage payment. WOW. (I actually already paid the mtg payment so this money is going into the adoption fund!!) YEAH.

approx 400.00(mtg payment is 502.xx per month but they take taxes out like I was on the payroll for a day!) LOL

so our adoption fund is near 435.00 so far. LOL that is to cover the application fee and part of the homestudy process. YEAH.

Ok.. I feel good and SOOO LUCKY and BLESSED. DH was in shock when I called him to tell him to listen for the taped recording of my call from Cornbread and he called me back crying. They also played a song about a child after my recording of him calling me at home and that also touched DH to the core.

If you have a chance to apply for grants, promotions.. etc... APPLY. I have applied for the IVF grant, we were accepted and then now I applied for this PAY MY BILLS promo and we WON!



DMgirl said...

Wow! What a blessing. Congratulations! You'll have your baby in no time!

Tempe said...

That is fantastic! Congratulations.

Tempe said...

Regarding the adoptive breastfeeding; I just remembered that I saw a Baby Story ages ago where the couple did an open adoption at birth (the birth mother lived with them prior to the birth) and the woman did the adoptive breastfeeding. They didn't say if she used any medication to help, but they did say that she used a pump for the stimulation ahead of time and she also used a supplemental nursing system. She was showing her friends the stockpile of breastmilk she had in the freezer, because it is hard to establish a full supply with the adoptive breastfeeding.

The supplemental nursing system has been used by other woman who have given birth and even with all the hormones in their body are having trouble establishing supply. My pediatricion actually recommended it for me with Becca, but the nurses acted clueless when I requested it. http://www.healthquest-nf.com/suppnursSys.htm
You have probably done all the research on this already, but I thought I would say just in case you missed this part. The SNS has either pumped breastmilk or formula that is in a bottle that hangs around your neck. There are tiny tubes from it that you tape to your nipple. That way, when the baby is eating, they are getting some food so they don't scream their head off and refuse to nurse, yet they also stimulate your body to produce more. Good Luck.

JennyK said...

Wonderful news -- you're closer to your child every single day!

averyjenn said...

Okay, tears and goosebumps!!! Awesome girl!

iamoneof17 said...

HOLY CRAP, bec, that is awesome. I've got a smile on my face and a tear in my eye...good things DO happen to good people!