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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


we are turning in our application today.



nervousness for what is yet to come

comfort from the agency already

questions arise

questions being answered

first nursery items bought and paid for.

now to clean the house. Ms. Pack Rat here needs CLEAN SWEEP to come help me with my room where the nursery will be. OMG. I am so bad at collecting clutter. Or should I say GOOD at it. LOL DH hates my clutter habits, but I promised I will free cycle much of the clothes and then have the yard sale in a month or so for the other stuff.

I could go on and on, but off to work so we can afford to do this all.

I really feel good that this is happening.

oh, btw, we should be couple #2 in line for adoption once we have our home study done in a month or two or so.


Tempe said...

It must be a wonderful feeling.

Jaden said...

If you need advice about the homestudy process, let me know. We've had two interviews- one at the agency and one at home. Both lasted about two hours. I can tell you what kinds of questions to expect. It's not a big deal. Remember they want to find a good home, so they are rooting for you, too.

Pitypat said...

wow, second on the list! That's so exciting...... and scary (in a good way)lol
I tell you - when you go for something ---there is NO HOLDS BARRED-----congrats