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Friday, January 20, 2006

oh soooo close

we are oh sooo close to having our decision made on what track we will take to adopt. The options are by agency or lawyer.

take a guess. hehe.. I will post tomorrow with an update of our decision.

This decision will bring me to break down and take on a second job for a short time or until we are placed! I am ok with that so we have extra funds to buy our baby's first outfit, first stuffed toy to put in the crib, first set of crib sheets and our frist item to go with our baby bedding set. John Lennon's Real Love, yes discontinued, but I love this pattern. So off to Ebay I go to bid. YEAH!

For the first time in our marriage we are excited about this. It is really heart warming to think about a nursery for a change. Long deserved.

Cheers to a great weekend.

editing to post the link to the BABY bedding I am trying to bid on. Yes, call me crazy, but we know this is a discontinued John Lennon Real Love crib set. I got out bid, but I will keep on the next good ebay bid war to finally purchase a set.

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