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Friday, January 13, 2006

I love when it snows on my Birthday

Friday the 13th and my Birthday mixed with a little rain, sleet and a beautiful wind down to the day with snow. I enjoyed the total white out we had this afternoon with the snow. I love it when it snows on my Birthday. I had a great day. I took a 1/2 day of vacation and then went to sign for my paperwork for the $$ that Cornbread(see previous post) from WIL FM 92.3 graciously gave us(check will come in the mail in 4-6 weeks), then I mailed some goodies to a few friends from inciid(Hope you both like them), then I went home and took a nap. I did take a nap. I deserved it. hehe. Tonight DH gave me a sudoku game for my b-day and then we went and ate steak for dinner. YUMMMY. My Tummmy is happy!

The snow is pretty at night when the moon is full and reflective off the snow. It is like a blue hugh.

On the way home we stopped at Kohl's and boy did we rack up some good bargains. In total we got 7 pieces of clothing and 1 set of earrings for DH(yes, he got his ear repierced last month, mid-life crisis). We spent a total of 111.00 WOW. Not bad at all.Happy Birthday to me! Some of the long sleeved v neck shirts for fun running around in were only 4.90 each at the register. Hmmm, I Might have to go back and search those racks again. That is my kind of shopping. Everything we got was on sale. hehe

On a side physical note. I am sick and tired of my body. I started my AF (aunt flow, PERIOD, cycle day 1) on January 1st. Today I am still having residual discharge and I HATE IT. (so no nookie for my Birthday) 13 fucking days on my period? I am so leaning towards having a hysterctomy now. I can't stand that my body has 28 day cycles and that it is consumed 12-15 days on my AF. WTF? I will be booking a consult with my ob/gyn to discuss the issues and maybe I can find a solution to this. I have heard of the uterine procedure where they insert a balloon in the uterus in a surgery ward and basically heat up the ballon and burn the layers of the lining of the uterus and then it won't shed for months to come. But that seems harsh. I almost want to just take the damn thing out since it is such a sore issue for me because it is in essence USELESS to bare a child from. I hate my body. I hate that I was born with a septum in the uterus. I hate that it caused us so many heartaches. I JUST WANT IT GONE, yet it is such a harsh surgery to endure at this age of 36 now. AND it will mean the TOTAL end to the ability ever to carry a child. I know for me it is like a 1-in-a-TRILLION shot of ever carrying a viable pregnancy so I might as well take it out. I can't ever get pregnant with REGULAR SEX because my tubes are gone from the 2 ectopics so my uterus is seemingly deemed WASTED SPACE that causes me a heartache of physical pain each 28 days that lasts for 12-15 days. Dr. T, Lets just chuck this septated uterus out the window, ok?

Ok, off to surf the internet about some more adoptive breastfeeing issues and protocols.

CHEERS to all those out there that have Friday the 13th Birthdays in January.

Oh btw, my friend told me today an interesting tidbit of USELESS TRIVIA..... Toilet Paper was invented on this day.


Tempe said...

Happy Late Birthday!

Jaden said...


I am so thrilled about the radio station dealie. That's awesome. I bet you were STUNNED when they said hello to you! Talk about catching someone off guard. Did you tell them your birthday was coming up?

Ok, time to go enter more contests and sweepstakes. You are a lucky woman!