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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Subliminal hope

You know when you have hope that something happens the way you want it to, but you just don't want to speak out loud about it? Well it worked.

Today I got up early after a short night of sleep (wound up from the River Otters Hockey Game last night< Thanks Cornbread for the tickets!) and started cleaning the house. My mom was on the way over to help DH and I figure out the finances of our adoption process. We have it figured out and now have the ability to move forward with adoption now instead of 2 years from now when we could have borrowed from 401K. While doing all of this prep to my mom coming over (dog hair clean up duty and dusting) I was subliminally hoping we would possibly find an acceptance letter in the postal mail today from the adoption agency. BUT I dared not say it out loud because I did not want to be upset if the Postman did not deliver it today The reason I felt we might get it today was that they cashed my initial application fee check 2 days ago. So after the cleaning and $$ discussions with my mom, I just laid down to take a much needed nap. DH opened the mail box (alerted mail delivery thanks to the dog that hates the Postal lady) and promptly walked into the bedroom with a package in hand.

Yes, it was from the agency. We have officially been accepted to the agency from the adoption process. YES! WOOHOOO! BOYS AND GIRLS POP THOSE TOPS and CELEBRATE WITH US. This is HUGE. We are going to adopt and the process is starting much sooner than I ever expected. My heart leaps and warms each time I am thinking about this. I love it.

We are set to now fill out the contract and send in the contract money. Then we are set to start the Home Study process too. 1/2 of the cost up front and the other 1/2 due at the time of the "home" visit from the social worker. We were also instructed to start the Dear Birthparent Letter and then put together our Profile. WOW.. that is alot of information to take in, but enough to make me so excited I can't nap yet. hehe

DH is in the living room while I type this in the bedroom. He is reading the contract and reviewing the instructions given for our letters and what things we need to get. Things like birth certificates, marriage certificate, physicals, etc..

So the subliminal hope became reality today. Thank you.


DMgirl said...

Congratulations! That is fabulous news. I hope everything goes well and the time goes by quickly!

Pitypat said...

*********taht is awesome news**********
You guys really jump in face first - while we just put one toe in at a time. Go get yourself a three ring binder and some plastic sheets to put all the papers....that has really helped to keep everything together. Wow--you will ahve a baby quick!

Jaden said...

Sorry we couldn't get togther today. Let's reschedule. I have a big tip for you. Get a fireproof safe. Keep all docs in there. In case of fire or someone breaking in, your docs are nice and safe. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard where items were destroyed in floods, fires, or stolen and the adoption was seriously delayed. Plus, you always know where all important docs are at all times. No hunting around the house at the last minute for a much needed item. And that will happen!