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Saturday, December 25, 2004

wireless world

wow, I got a beautiful wireless internet set up LAPTOP for my xmas present from DH! WOOOHOOO

How pretty it is. I will be enjoying exploring the ins and outs of it all and become familiar with the shortcuts of a laptop..like investing in a wireless mouse. LOL I am not good at this finger mouse... ohhhh that sounds bad.. bahahahaha

We had a wonderful Christmas and I am very thankful for DH being such a wonderful DH.... no, not DH in the bad way, but DH as in DEAR husband. hehe

On another note... I am most likely OVULATING... OUCH. it seems to hurt in some cycles and I don't get the rhyme or reason... Most likely the Endo that surrounds my ovaries. BUT let me tell you, I got a nice Xmas Romp from DH and he liked it ..... Vitamins are really keeping the CM abundant. Shame I can't use that to get PG.... tubeless keeps that possibility to a null.

Ok, the latest update on the INCIID the HEART IVF program .... We were accepted and this past week Nancy from INCIID emailed me the following message.

Hi Becky,

We've matched you with SIRM New York City. Your contact there is
Ryan and her number is: 646-792-7476
She is out today but I've sent her an email to let her know you are
going to
be calling her. If you want to call today, speak to Rachel or leave
a voice message. Do please call right away so we can get you into the
earliest cycle.

Thanks for your patience.

This was our reply....

Although we are so appreciative of everything INCIID has done for us and feel blessed to have been selected, because of financial constraints it will be extremely difficult for us financially to undergo treatment in NYC.

To put us in the best position possible, both financially and psychologically so that we may have a successful IVF cycle, it would be more beneficial for us to undergo treatment at the Sher institute locally here in St. Louis under the care of Dr. Ahlering. This way we can work closely with Dr. Ahlering and Dr. Jan Albrecht (Becky's perinatologist in St. Louis). Becky has spoken to Dr. Ahlering by email and he was looking forward to seeing us to consult with us as soon as the paper work on INCIID's end was completed.

We apologize if this causes any inconvenience. We were under the impression that preferring local treatments was preferred and communicated. We live and work no more than 5 miles from the clinic here in St. Louis also.

Thank you in advance for making the necessary arrangements and if there's anything we can do to assist, don't hesitate to contact us.

Warmest Regards,

Jeffrey & Rebecca G

Ok, on that note, I freaked,.... NYC? OMG.. we could not do this.. it would be
too expensive... BUT after a few days time I am considering staying with the option
for NYC. I told my family at our xmas eve gathering about us possibly going to NYC and
they all said they will help us get to NYC and do this no matter the cost... Like
finding air miles from someone and hotel credit points. hmmmmmm Can we really do this?

Heck my mom and sister even said they will go with me if Jeff can't go the whole time.

It is cool to think about visiting NYC... time square,... maybe we can go see
david letterman? hmmm

Wish us luck.

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