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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

the good the bad and the ugly and oh.. the stinky..

I will leave the good for last...

the bad equals to a busted sewer line in the basement of our house.. Frick... merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This is going to be a costly repair... like 6-7 thousand... hmmmm

my house is a mess and tha makes for the UGLY

my house ewwwwwwww doggieee stinks to high heavens from the rock/soil having been dug up partially last night by DH and bil.


Ok to end on a note for good news.....

We got news last week that we were accepted by the INCIID the HEART program to cycle at NYC SIRM clinic with Dr. Sher and Dr. B.... but we emailed INCIID and asked them to consider moving us to the clinic in town in ST. Louis... Well our wish and request was granted. We are set for an IVF consult for January 27th 2005. YEAH.

the good the bad the ugly and the stinky.. LOL

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