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Monday, December 13, 2004

one month...

one month until the big 35. Yuck. Why is 35 hitting me harder than 30 did?

I guess that with "Statistics" of "fertility", 35 is the age that fertility DECLINES. Ugh. one more... UGH

I am so behind in xmas shopping it is not funny. I have finished my niece, nephew and other nephew, but I have many many more to go. I did get my work gift done and wrapped for tomorrow's office "Rob Your Neighbor" xmas exchange. hehe A nice musical snow globe. I hope it is not broke in it's box. I hope I can find something to ROB in return also.

Off to bed. Sleepless in St. Louis was my name last night. I was up until 2 am and got up at 6:30. ewwww

I bought some fleece to try and make something of tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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