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Sunday, December 26, 2004

the day after

man, I hate working a second job.... due to this I could not go out this AM and go shopping for the good after xmas shopping deals. LOL oh well, what would I really need anyway? I did get new gloves yesterday, but I have to return them to JCPenney today to get a bigger size. Yes, bigger. The XL they sell does not fit my fat fingers and hands. Ugh. Ok, I have to shower and go work my 12-9:30 shift at FB west county. SHame I can't stay home and play on my laptop all day. hehe

Speaking of laptop... I can't download a plugin in order to get into chat rooms, get certain clips to play, etc... hmmmmmm Gateway help to the rescue later.

Lotterywinnings... i won a free ticket last night for the first time in months. Yeah.. maybe this is the turn around of the unlucky to lucky fortunes. fingers crossed.

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