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Sunday, December 26, 2004

purse, do I really need a new purse for my new wallet?

but of course I do. hehe

off Famous Barr for the next 3 nights. YEAH. it gives me time to shop!! hehe I am taking DH to go buy his tools I promised him for xmas. then off to JCPenney's to return my gloves he got me, or rather exchange them. I so need some new gloves also.

while playing on my new laptop, I turned on Amerca's store dot come and walah, my new laptop is on there. hehe COOL

DH is off work all week and I hate that I have to work and get up each morning and he gets to sleep in.. well, I really only have a 3 day week. hehe.. Thursday is my last Vacation day for the year and then Friday is a holiday for us at A A A.

ok, I need to go to bed..

more tomorrow on the updates for IVF at SIRM NYC YEAH.

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