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Sunday, December 19, 2004

crash, did you hear it?

Yesterday, that crashing sound you heard, if so, was my poor little ford focus coming to a halt under the bumper of another vehicle. ( I was on my way to work, my second job work!)Yup, I rear-ended a truck on Manchester about 100 feet west of Brentwood intersection. UGH. My poor car had to be towed to a repair shop authorized by my insurance. Then we were driven from the body shop to Enterprise on Manchester to pick up a car that was in my allowance of 20.00 per day, well, they did not have one after they said they did. Jerk's. We had to be driven back to the repair shop, get dh's truck (who came to rescue my broken heart at the scene of the accident). We then had to drive to Enterprise on s. kingshighway to get a rental. THEY TOO did not have a car in my allowance of insurance coverage. (BTW, pick up tow and car rental coverage, it is worth it !) The manager of the rental store decided to give me a 24.00 a day car for my 20! WOOOHOOO. I am in a nice Neon and it looks like I will be in it for another week or so. Merry F-ING Christmas to me.

Oh, other news... I think I am O'ing. What a wasted O it is... Tubeless wondergirl here and no way to get pg unless I can afford to pay a well paid doctor to get us pregnant! Another O bites the dust. Sing that Queen song to the beat of "Another O bites the dust". LOL

Off to work again today. The Sunday b4 Christmas and I have NOTHING wrapped and packaged yet to send out of town. Yikes.

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tubelessstl said...

oh, btw, i was not hurt in the accident, except for a hurt ego and a little sore neck from a fast halt in the car. LOL