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Sunday, December 05, 2004

why not?

What have I got to lose that I have not lost already? My sanity is one, but I will choose to keep that TYVM. LOL

Ok, I decided that after a long LONG road on my IF journey to start a place to let the thoughts flow instead of keeping them bottled up inside. I visit lots of sites on-line, but I wanted to keep one place where I can just spill the crap if needed and not have anyone block me from doing that. Sure, I have respect and feelings for people, but I just don't care to have anyone stop me from speaking my mind. F that.

Today begins that dumping, the dumping that I have longed for. here it goes.

After 5.5 yrs of IF, I have decided that I am ready to strangle Dh's family. My bil and sil are having problems ttc, but.. BIG BUT... This is the couple that has told DH and I to KEEP OUR IF to ourselves and (this was just after a miscarriage of our first set of twins) it is our personal business we are having problems ttc, not theirs. Why do I know they are having problems? Well while on vacaiton with them this past summer I happeneed to see sil showing bil a pack of CLOMID. Well hello, dear bekkiboo knows that pack of pills all too well. You can't fool me. So dh asked his bro/my bil if they needed to talk about things, we would understand. Bahahahahahaha Ok, let me step back and rephrase that. I do respect that they did not want to talk about it, but hello?! YOU FRICKIN' left your CLOMID out in the community bathroom at the condo we all shared. LOL

Ok, next issue.... this is good news.. but it will be in the next post!

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