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Monday, December 13, 2004

is too much sleep possible ?

I ask this question because I think I got too much sleep today and now at 11:32 pm I am wide awake. Or maybe is it the fact that my insomnia finally caught up with me? I slept from 3 am-9:30, then again from 3 pm -5:30pm. my body is on overload of SLEEP today. LOL

Yup, insomniac to the tee here. I thank my paternal grandma and my dad for that gift of sleepless nights. I can drive home from the day job as tired as can be, but when I step out of the car I am wide awake and ready to go for another 12 hours it seems. I average 4.5 - 5 hours of broken sleep a night and I am not able to get the nerve up to call my GP for a script of Ambien to help.

Ambien, I LIKE it. REALLY LIKE it and that is why I am afraid to ask for help to sleep with it.

Fear of falling asleep at the wheel also grips me though. SOOOO should I ask for some?

Today is cd3 or 4, I lost count so I will try and keep my ticker up here to keep track of it. I am anxious to get an email from INCIID to find out when DH and I can set up a consult with the doctors to do our 5th FRESH IVF cycle. yes, I said 5th. I will blog tomorrow about my story that brought me to #5.

Later for now, or is it later until morning when I wake up with 4 hours of sleep.

Oh, btw, I finished this semester class of Intro to Business with a 96%. YEAH!

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