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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thanks for all the Happy Birthday Wishes.

I had to work, but it was ok as I am the only one that can rescue the screw up that happened. So that made me feel needed and giving up the day on my birthday to work instead of play was a big shoulder pat for me *maybe only from me, but hey*!

It started off a but rough. Julia decided to take a tumble off the recliner / rocker we were both sitting in and proceeded to smack her head hard on the living room floor. I picked her up immediately and took her to the changing table and ask I swung around to the table, she vomited all over her, myself and the floor. That freaked me out. Projectile vomitting is not fun, in fact it scares me because I knew she hit her head so hard it might be a reason I would need to take her to the ER. I reached for the phone and my sister called out of the blue (7:00 in the am) but didn't get to ask her question as I filled her in on what happened and asked her motherly instincts of what I should do. She said the ER now. I had to call the on call doc to get that precertification and luckily our ped was on call (same one my sisters kids sees). The doc called back and said to remain calm (he must have hear the tears rolling down my face and the panic in my voice as I tried to dress Julia and get her ready to go out the door for the ER. Doc said to watch her for more signs. More vomitting, more disorientation, more hard hard crying, but by this time she had settled down in her daddys arms and was not crying hysterically anymore. Ahhhh. relief. He told me to have my sister (J's babysitter) bring J in if she shows any signs and I was to go to work and have a fun Birthday. LOL Oh I can get myself so worked up over my beautiful daughter.

All told, my daughter has a bump on her head, played and ate fine today and did take a small nap a few times a day. I called and DH called twice to check on her and my sister reassure us that we can calm down now.

Heck, J was flirting with the boys at the next table tonight at the steakhouse we ate my birthday dinner at. Yum. She is such a ham for the boys. tease!


Zen Ventures said...

Kids her age bounced right back like nothing happen. I tell you, my daughter had done everything unimaginable. She's worst than roomba! She bumps into the weirdest corners. There was one time, she landed straight on the corner of our coffee table and had like a deep dent on her forehead. She was fazed but then after a few minutes she was OK. 1st sign I usually do to test her, is to have her look at my index finger and have her follow it. If she looks dazed and get disoriented then, I rush her to the ER. Thankfully, that has never happen and I hope it never will. Bless your heart.

Zen Ventures
Tosty Brown

Jeanne said...


Happy belated b-day. Sorry about what happened to Julia!! My daughter projectile vomited a few times as a baby (in her case from colic). I can sympathize with that. Very gross! Glad your daughter is OK!!!

Take care,