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Friday, January 23, 2009

no so much in the bloggity mood when we are all sick

It is Not fun in our house right now, but things will hopefully be better by the end of the weekend. All 3 of us have been passing something around. Dh and J both have little to no voice, couching, runny noses, etc. I have had massive headaches with tummy issues, but I am feeling much better now.

I am home today with J helping her cope with her viral gastroenteritis (diagnosed by the doc on Wednesday afternoon). One of those viral things you just have to let it run its course without taking much in the way of meds to help out. This is my first real test in motherhood with her being this sick (runny nose with teeth coming in is about the extent of the illnesses for her). I feel for her. I can tell she is just not feeling well and wants to cuddle. Thankfully, right now she is transfixed on Yo Gabba Gabba! I have her bottle ready for the afternoon nap and hopefully after I am done updating here, I will be able to get her to close her eyes for a few hour nap. Good luck on that one, right? hehe Hey, at least I am have wishful thinking on her napping.

I don't mind being home with her. She needs help and I'd rather give that than her being at the sitters (her aunt's house) where there are so many other kids to tend to when school lets out in the afternoon. Plus I hear that her cousin (nearly 3 yrs old) also is not feeling well, this cousin is who she spends each day with M-F. I guess J and B passed this illness between each other the last few days. Ahhhh, learning to share is one thing, but sharing colds is another. LOL

Ok, off to go share some Yo Gabba Gabba time with Ms. J.
Hope all of you are feeling well. We will soon!


Michelle said...

Ugh! I that everything passes quickly...

beagle said...

We just endured that as well. You have my full empathy!!