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Saturday, January 10, 2009

back to the swing of things

Tomorrow (or is that today?) marks the 3rd round of swimming lessons for Ms. J at the local YMCA. She loves the tub water and even loves the pool more. This class will be the last she will have with her cousin attending for some time to come :(. Her cousin gets to graduate at the end of this class to the next age group. Sweet for her! We sure will miss her until Ms. J can graduate at 24 months also! I plan on taking evening classes after this one until fall. I need my Saturdays to do a few things (yard sales, both having them and attending them. LOL) in the Spring and Summer months plus we go camping OFTEN and I won't give that up. Plus it gives us something to do on the nights that daddy is at his college evening classes.

I booked hosting a Party Lite Party in March. I need to call the rep back and set up the date on another day. I thought the first Saturday in March would work, but my schedule is not allowing it now. Ugh. I hate to change it, but I'll shoot for Mid-March now.

Tonight, Julia was a hoot. She was clingy, but so much fun. I finally hid her "favorite books" so she could explore her new books she got at Christmas time. She has been stuck on a certain 5 or 6 books for the last few weeks and won't look at the other 50 books or so she has between the living room and her bedroom. So I got out some new books for her to read tonight after she went to bed. The other books she was so addicted to are now on the top shelf of her bookcase. I know some may think I am mean in taking them away, but I was taught as a child in school to rotate your books around and I plan on continuing this with our children.

Do your children have certain books they LOVE?


Sarah-Lynn's mom said...

Mean for hiding the books?? I would say definately not mean.

I swear that I want to do that with my sometimes, and they are 5! They almost get into an obsession about certin books and that is ALL they want you to read for them for weeks on end. And at their age right now they know when you skip over pages and leave sentances out.

Speaking of which I am taking the kids to the book store today to add to their collection.

beagle said...

Sheep in a Jeep and Llama Llama Red Pajama.

tubelessstl said...

Thanks Beagle, I'll check those out.