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Monday, April 30, 2007

Not looking for Pity, but just sharing our last 7 or so years of life

This will eventually lead into the current days of life and waiting to welcome our first child into our home by adoption........................ ready? Set........ read on..........

January 1999, stopped birth control pills to "see what will happen when we have sex". Ha, little did we know trying to have a baby would consume 99% of our time for the next several years of our lives.

July 16, 1999 - I said to my co-worker, "Please call 911, I feel like someone is stabbing me in the gut". After my second ever ambulance ride, I arrived at St. Luke's. Then I soon had My first encounter with Mr. Wand. The ER doc said "You are pg, but did you know it was ectopic?" Yup, in my left tube. I was taken to the ER due to a ruptured cyst on my left ovary and near ruptured left fallopian tube. btw, I found out I was allergic to methotrexate shortly after that. Hives!

July 24, 1999 - first taste of general anesthesia for my first of many laporoscopies relating to Infertility to remove the ectopic pgcy. Left Tube blocked, fetus removed, but my tube was left in there as useless. Thus was told to never try to get pregnant from that ovary. Ha

August 1999 - The ob/gyn said Don't Pass Go, Don't Collect 200 bucks, but here is the name to a reproductive endocrinologist(RE). ob/gyn then said, "You are the proud owner of a fully septated uterus"... so said my ob/gyn sent me to an RE. The HSG that the ob/gyn did that day hurt so much that I literally kicked him in the arm when he was injecting the dye. He was not mad, just concerned that I was ok. Sure doc, let me inject your uterus with dye. Oh wait, you are a man and don't have a ute to do this to. Ohhhwwwiieeee, that hurts.

October 1999 - "You have PCOS", said the RE! "You have a full Septum in your uterus, did you mom take DES when pg with you?", said/asked the RE! Ouch. It may be difficult to get pregnant, but we will get you there he said.

November 1999 - cysts on the friendly ovaries

December 1999 - first taste of Clomid and having sex on demand by instruction of the RE.

January 2, 2000 - Congratulations, you don't have the flu, but your clomid worked and you got pregnant through your right tube when you ovulated from your left ovary.

February 8, 2000 - The face of dread on the ultrasound technicians face, she said "I'll be right back, I need to get the doctor". TEARS fell as our baby's (healthy baby boy btw) once strong heartbeat was no longer. Word to the wise, Don't ever go to an US visit by yourself. Implantation happend to be right on the septum so our baby died from lack of blood supply. Fuck my luck.

April 2000 - first of 5 septum resection surgeries. Septoplasty, metroplasty or something like that.

May, June, July, August 2000 - Thanks to PCOS, I was ruled by my body and my body said "nope, not going to cycle due to PCOS cysts again".

September 2000 - second round of clomid (a.k.a - cloooomooood, because it sure puts one in a mood, cranky mood, that was me) and our first IUI cycle. One follie, negative beta, or so we thought.

October 2000 - AF(Aunt Flow is, well you know, your period). Ultrasound on day 14 of my cycle showed a huge uterine lining, thus a beta (hcg-pregnancy level) was drawn and it showed I was with child, but too low for a good pregnancy. Another ectopic tubal pregancy. DOUBLE FUCK.

October & November 2000 - 2 different laporoscopies to remove said tubal ectopic pregnancy from my good right tube and 2nd lap was to remove molar pregnancy tissue that had adhered to my bowel, bladder and back of the uterus.. the doc was not able to save my so called "good" right tube, thus my title of my blog... Tubeless in St. Louis.

January 2001 - saving money for our next step in our life, IVF.
Another Septum surgery including a balloon catheter to help the uterus heal up properly.

February, March, April & May 2001: saving and saving for IVF. Thank goodness for tax returns and DH's then bonus. We paid cash for our first IVF. 8000 + another 1500 for 1/2 fertlization with ICSI. Thank goodness I had just won 2500 on the boat that week of retrieval and was able to pay cash for the ICSI the day of retrieval. They had not told us we needed until then. Cash grows on trees, right? Oh, did I mention that it cost me 2500.00 for some Lupron, Pergonal and Gonal F?

June 2001:

wait, to be continued tomorrow. Let me find the humor in those days of waiting and waiting to cycle.

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patty said...

Dear Lord, I already knew this but it hurts me to read it all in one place---I'm glad yhou took a break until tommoro, i don;t think I could have read any more. You are tough...you are strong...you are a saint