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Monday, April 09, 2007

Ahhh, Mondays are mun'days

oh ho hum... back to work after a nice cold weekend of camping. Yes, call us crazy, but we did go camping. Thanks to our friends, they did build a rocking hot fire Saturday night so we were able to stay outside and enjoy.

On the Adoption front, no news. Our adoption agency said they have hit a dry spell of any potential birthmother contacts. Please say a prayer that our agency hears something soon. I hate waiting, but I know in due time it will happen for us. I just can't wait for that phone to ring with our agency owner/social worker on the other end to ask us if it is ok to show our profile.

Speaking of profiles, I was wondering if we should work on creating a new profile and redoing our dear birthmother letter?! I will sit down with the agency owner soon and ask this of her. I hope we don't have a chance to really do this in hopes that the agency will call with a potential situation first.

Meantime, I am keeping busy trying to sell on Ebay. I am not making much headway, but we did make enough cash from late December to early APril to pay cash for our homestudy renewal that I will call later this week to book for later April.

One fun thing this week that happened was a fellow support group attendee is now a new mom by adoption of her son. She told us the whole story in our support group and it was really heartwarming to know it can happen, a placement will happen for us and how one day we might have a bad day of waiting to be outweighed by a great day of meeting our son or daughter. I was almost in tears hearing about how she met the birthmother in the hospital. It was so surearl hearing her story, yet so promising that we WILL get that call eventually to say we are matched and then meet our potential baby.

Ok, off to work. DH Is home sick. yick. I hope he gets paid for her day off sick as Friday was a holiday for him. I am sure he will have to get a doctors note for retunring to work. I hope he does not have a really bad cold coming on. He can keep that crap to himself.

Ahhhh, lots of ebay stuff to do tonight. Ship ship ship is what my night will consist of. I think I have 6 or 7 things to pack up and ship tomorrow. Ahhhh.

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millie said...

You are a far braver woman than I to camp in the cold. The stars have to be totally aligned for me to even agree to go camping.

I do hope your agency gets some new contacts and one is your match.