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Thursday, April 26, 2007

April shower will bring May Flowers, right?

I hope so, but not in my yard yet. Well, the frost killed my 2 hydrangia's, several hostas and wilted my rose bushes bad. BUT, I have about 100 iris' coming up and lots of peony buds. YEAH. Can't wait to take pictures of those flowers. Next time someone please remind me to not go out of town when a hard frost hits so I can cover my plants in the yard and save them from a certain death. I will replant what I need to and love my flowers that will eventaully bloom.

Did anyone else lose their plants in the yard? bushes? etc?

Ok, Cheers to a great few days ahead of nice weather.

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petunia said...

I lost my hydrangia, my Japanese Maple lost it's pretty orange leaves and all my delicate perennials died...arg!