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Monday, April 23, 2007

just a link to note for myself.


DH asked me tonight what I would do if we won the lottery jackpot. I said I would most likely be at work and ask for an immediate 1/2 day of work. Get in my Tribute and drive to find DH at his work. (winning Lotto ticket tucked snug in my bra) and then tell him he has to take the afternoon off. VERY VERY important. Grab him, put him in the tribute, head to lunch down at the Tap Room and ask him how he wants to spend the rest of his life after he quits his job in a few weeks time. He would then laugh at me.

I then slide the winning lotto ticket out of my brazier and slide it over to him on the table with a piece of paper confirming that tickets matching winning numbers. I can see his face now, scrunched up eye brows, jaw slowly opening in a "0" position and gasps the words "WE WON" .. oh yeah.

I am not giving up on this dream. Then I told him I would pay off the house. Find some property and build a replica of my house I grew up in in Shaw Neighborhood. 3 story brick 6 bedroom 2 bath with full family room, dining room butlers pantr piano bay window and a fully stocked kitchen. I so miss my old house that I would have a replica built to the T. THEN.....

I would call my work back and ask my boss to set up a meeting with him to start interviewing my replacement siince I will be retiring in a few weeks (from that winning ticket discovery date). I would pay off all the bills, THEN and only THEN (after telling family already ) I would HIRE a Gestational Surrogate to carry a baby for us.

Oh this is a subject DH and I have been discussing again recently, but Lord knows it is a complicated process and I am not so sure what it would cost (estimates take it up around 40-55,000 , yes, you read that right).... BUT if we win the lottery then we would have no worries about cost. Just knowing wee would need a house for several kids because we could afford it and have a surrogate bare several children in the next few years for us.

Speaking of kids, DH and I both think 2 kids are a great number, but man I so want 3 or even 4. With going through IF for so many years, I gave up the dream of 4 kids or so and stuck with 2, but hey, if I could afford to do 3 or 4 surrogacy cycles with a blessed surrogate then I would in a heartbeat.

Meantime, I keep playing the lottery. I quick pick. I sometimes get a matched powerball like this past weekend, but mainly I only get 1 number or two on a whole sheet of 5 sets. I WILL DREAM and I do believe DREAMS DO COME TRUE.. I just hope I am that lucky recipient of a DREAM CATCHING then PUT INTO REAL LIFE action.

All I gotta do is dream.


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