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Saturday, April 21, 2007


We cleaned and cleaned the house, It so needed it, but it was for the home study really.

Our home study is renewed. Now we are home study ready again and continue thinking forward in hopes that our profile is shown again soon.

Oh and btw, if you are having to renew your home study after waiting for one year, you will be so relaxed about the in home visit from the social worker the second time around. Much easier than that first time. Thanks to our social worker, she makes us feel so comfortable. She even brought cookies for our pups. Sadie (youngest pup) loves the social worker so much she was nipping at her bracelet. Good Lord, I need to put Sadie in classes to calm her down. Lindsey and Hannah (older dogs ) loved the social worker too.

We did have our profile shown to a potential birthmother situation this past week. It felt good being active again. Sadly we were not selected by the perspective birthmother, but there was no particular reason given as to why were were not selected. Sometimes pbm's don't have lots of comments as to why they don't select some of the profiles they are shown. I am ok with this as we know it was not something we couldn't change in our profile.

I hope and pray that we continue to see potential situations arise. I keep thinking that "It will be our turn someday, It WILL". I find myself thinking about it often when I have idle time. Such as today, I was out power washing the deck after being over at MMW's house. I kept thinking, "I know we will catch the eye of a pbm(potential birthmother), one little thing about us as a couple will warm the heart of a pbm and she will select us to be included in her adoption plan. It will happen.

Meantime, I often wonder what is wrong with us. What things might a pbm find wrong with us, what have we said wrong in our profile, or what might we have been able to say more about to help the pbm find us to be that couple she wishes to include in her adoption plan? I know, it is not something we can control, her decision that is, but I have to trust that we will be that match for a pbm one day soon. Maybe our camping love will catch her eye and heart, maybe our doggies will, maybe that we own a house in a great neighborhood, maybe she will like the flower pots on the front porch, but maybe just maybe she will just like our smiles in the pictures we sent. I find myself seeking what she must feel, yet I will never understand what she is going through. BUT I do know that one thing in our lives will fancy the eye and heart of a pbm. No matter how tiny one eye catching thing might be or how HUGE it might be, it will happen.

Oh.. btw, the next Harry Potter book is getting closer for release:


millie said...

Congrats on the renewal! And on having your profile shown again.

I do think it likely comes down to the things you mentionned and some pbm is going to find you guys perfect. Because of your dogs or flowerpots or whatever. I don't think there's anything wrong with your profile, just the right person hasn't looked at it yet. I hope that's soon.

patty said...

It's strange what pbm's see. One girl from our agency was sure she would never be picked because she was so severly overweight...the bm picked her because she was also very overweight. The key is to be yourself and the right bm will come along and the match will be perfect.