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Thursday, September 28, 2006

don't you hate that?

In todays society you must have an ID and password for everything. Well, I done gone and done it. I lost my password to this blog. It took me a few days to figure it out, but I am back to work.

My new jewel.......... A Mazda Tribute. I got rid of my little ford focus and upgraded to a multi passenger car finally. Well, enough to have at least 1 baby in a car seat and 3 dogs. The vehicle is not a huge suv and it actually gets the same exact gas milage as my focus did. BUT the benefit is that it has room in the back to put the dogs and keep them back there with a cargo net. Ahhhh. Freedom of no dogs in my front seat finally.
I am excited about the new vehicle. We stayed in budget and when I called to change over the car insurance from the ford focus to the mazda tribute, my insurance costs went down 23 bucks every 6 months. WOW. Bigger vehicle, but lower insurance? Yup. I asked why and they said it was because the tribute is higher is safety ratings. huh? Dang, I was in danger in my little ford focus? Nice to have known that now after having driven it for 2.5 years. BUT it eases my mind knowing that when we do finally have a larger family by way of a baby then we will be much safer than that focus was. Now if I could only get seat belts for the dogs too.

Ok, off to find some dinner and shop on ebay for a few things like ink cartridges for my printer. Poor printer, I have run the color ink dry.


Anonymous said...

LOL I knew you would trade that car in when you tried to get the car seat in the back seat....tight squeeze eh???? I know you will love your new car....let's go for a spin sometime.

Our insurance went down too....(but of course with a mini van from a Grand Prix), but we were told the same thing....."safety ratings". It's nice to know the vehicle will be safer for you and the FAM.


Anonymous said...

LOL...."everything must have a password" OMG....I must be slap happy or something but you have me laughing my BUTT off at work.

Congrats on the new vehicle....we got cheaper insurance rates too...and were told the same thing...ROCK ON FOR THE FAM!!!


tubelessstl said...


You are so right. I would have had to put the passenger seat up all the way to put the baby in the back seat of the focus. No problems with this Tribute! hehehe

I gotta get use to driving a stick shift again. Bahahaha