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Monday, September 18, 2006

do you do Fall Cleaning instead of Spring Cleaning?

Yup.. the bug has bit. Fall Cleaning is in full swing. I love it. I want a clean house (yes, items still linger in my basement from May's yard sale). I want to dust (ahhh-chhoooo, dang allergies), I want to vacuum, I want to pull down the curtains and wash them. I have already done my weekly bed linens, but now I want to get the fall sheets out and put them on the bed. I opened the windows so dusting is a must in the next few nights. Time to replace the furnace filter and prep for FALL weather. Yes, I wish for fall weather. I want fall earthtoned leaves on the trees. I LOVE FALL. Bring it on.

Fall to me brings the idea of pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks and hay. Scarecrows, and the saying in my family "Happy Fall Y'all". Yes, I have southern MO hicks in my family and yes they do say that. Bah

Bring on the cool weather.

Bring on the grandma's sugar cookies scented candles.

Bring on the fresh baked pumpkin pie that my dh makes. Yum. (no, I don't cook!)

bring it on.

Camping is the best this time of year. Cool walking weather. perfect campfire nights.


Back to cleaning the house.


JennyK said...

You're not the only one. I scrubbed the mold off of our deck with a toothbrush & bleach yesterday.

stannseniors said...

sounds to me like you are nesting.....I think it's hormonal. Maybe from pumping....maybe because you'll soon have a baby!