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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

double pumpin' it up....

yes, I am double pumpin' it up! Pumping MILK that is. Sweet milk for our future baby. No, no match with a baby yet, but I am trying the adoptive breastfeeding protocol and BAM.. it is working. Day 5, I think, of pumping and I am working up to a great number of drops now in each side EACH time I pump. at least 4 pumping sessions a day.

See, I am doing the induced lactation long protocol well, 3 month protocol as I had to stop the bcp's due to swelling. BUT it is working. I am one that likes to at least try something and let me tell you I am pleasantly surprised how quickly I have produced drops and now am working up to sqirts. If you are a pumping/breastfeeding momma (or momma to be like me) then you know what I mean by sqirts of milk.

I now need to consider renting a hospital grade pump to help with the expression. Have any of you done that? Rented a pump to use? If so, how did it work for you? More production?

I know it might be months until we are matched and even have a baby, but I strongly believe in trying to keep pumping and then hopefully have our baby latch on and gain their nutrition from me. Thankfully my husband is 100% supportive of this. He cracks up at me in the nursery pumping each night b4 he heads to bed, but he was very surprised at the amount I have been able to freeze with each passing day. Me too! hehe

My ebay sales have slowed, but that is ok. I am still selling the baby bottle holders. I hope that becomes a very consistant thing.

Cheers to the FALL weather. Cheers to being able to camp finally after all the hot weather. Cheers to one less day we have to wait until we are matched with a potential birthmother/family and will be able to meet our future child. CHIN UP and always trying to remember to look forward.


KD said...

Yeah!!! I am soooo proud of you!

FYI - If you keep your milk in a deep freeze, it will last up to 6 months.

I've never used a hospital grade pump, just a couple from Medela. It may help since they probably have a stronger suction. However, the Medela's are pretty impressive with their new advanced letdown technology. Is that what you're using now?

JennyK said...

What kind are you using now? I borrowed a Medela PIS (same as the one the hospitals rent) and was very happy with it -- though it is kinda heavy.

I would also start freezing the breast milk when you start getting enough to measure. The Gerber bags worked the best for me...and you absolutely can freeze it for a while. I stopped pumping in December and just ran across one last lonely bag when DH & I cleaned out the basement freezer.

Just be sure to mark them with the date you pumped it, so you'll know which ones to use first.

Major kudos to you for going to all of this trouble.

Millie said...

Wow! That's fab. I think if you are nearing the expiration (and hope that you don't) there's a wonderful organization you can donatee to while you keep building your own supply.