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Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14

15 years ago today the weather was Sunny and the high temp reached 94 degrees officially. You ask, "Why is she talking about this?" Well it was my wedding day. My day started by waking up to the smell of bacon and
eggs cooking. My dad, "God Rest His Soul", was making breakfast for myself and the bridesmaids(5 of them and myself did a sleep over at my parents house. Our ceremony was at 11:30 am. It was about 90 degrees by that time and I was sweating my behind off. My parents lived about 8 houses up from the church so we walked down there to the "bridal prep" area and cooled off.
Thank goodness the church was air conditioned. The ceremony went off without a hitch for the most part. We had to rush out of church as another wedding started at 12:30 so only my handsome Groom and I got to take Alter
pictures. But we did get some great inside ceremony pictures that I love.

We got married at St. Margaret's Catholic Church in South St. Louis City. After the ceremony I had asked the bridal party to go to Tower Grove Park fountain to take pictures and NOBODY wanted to go. I was sad, but
agreed it was TOO HOT by then and I was ready to get out of my dress. So we walked up the street to my parents house again and proceeded to take pictures in
front of the house I grew up in. LOVE THOSE PICTURES by the way! We got pictures with MANY family members too. Much easier than hauling every relative over to the park and taking pictures. I am talking about 3rd and
4th cousins and such. Yes, I have a huge extended family that attended that day. I counted the hours I was in my dress that day. 4 total. Yes, I changed to shorts and a t-shirt after a while due to the heat. So dh the whole wedding party except for my maid of honor.

Then the reception, Oh let me tell you the reception was a BLAST. It was in the house and backyard of my childhood home/my parents home. Historic Shaw Neighborhood by Hwy 44 and Grand! If you have ever seen those houses you know they are HUGE and beautiful. We ordered 4 half barrels of bud light from Tom Boy's Market. Now mind you the reception really did not start until 4 pm so between 12:30 and 4 pm we KILLED 2 half barrels of beer and had to call and reserve another 2 half barrels for the reception. AND of course we ate 15 Imo's Pizzas for our afternoon snack.Yes. 15 pizzas. So by time 4 pm rolled around we opened the next keg of
beer and partied the night over and over. 2 regrets. We should have hired a DJ, but No, we were afraid the bitty old neighbors across the alley (not friends) would have a fit and call the police dept. So we opted to do our own TAPE music. Folks, we did not have a CD burner back then so we had to do cassette tapes for music. Bahahahaha. We had a great time though. Friends would go to their cars and get cd's they had and would play a few songs too. Then my brother-in-law broke out the beerbongs. OMG. I can only say that I had to drive to the hotel that night because my NEW HUSBAND was drunk off his arse.

We spent the next week on our "In State" honeymoon at the Lodge of the Four
Seasons and 3 days Camping at Meramec State Park. I loved it. It turned from 94 degrees the day of the wedding to lows in the 30s in the Ozarks. Talk about COLD. We had to buy clothes to wear for a few days. hehe


Molly said...

Hey Becky.. DH and I honeymooned at the same place!!

Millie said...

Happy Crystal Anniversary! Sounds like you had a great wedding and a very fun party. Hope you are doing something fun to celebrate.