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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I am here, and there, and there and small plug of the day

been a busy past few weeks. Well, if you call camping busy... that was last weekend. This weekend I babysat Friday night for a very nice couple and 2 kiddo's. Had a blast. They booked me for another night too! I sure hope they like me as I really liked them and the kids. Talk about some well behaved, mindful and sharing kiddo's. WOW. I will be chatting with mommy for some parenting skill help when we finally have our baby in arms.

No news from the adoption agency. Fingers crossed that something comes up soon.

Pumping is going well. Yesterday I managed to pump just over 3 oz total for the day. Up from the last few days. Gotta find a way to pump at work though. Might have to buy a good hand expression pump. I only get 1/2 hour for lunch so it is hard to squeeze a pumping session in and lunch too. Might be a kind of new eating routine at work then to dedicate my lunch to my pumping if I can figure out how to and where to pump. LOL

Ok, listing a few more things on ebay.

,my ebay items
I listed a really cute set of Halloween costume Angel Princess Fairy wings. More John Lennon items. The Barbie princess pillows and a few other things.
Come take a look and spread the word.

Going over to my moms tomorrow night to make more of the John Lennon Bottle Holders that are selling better now on ebay. Need to list a few more this coming week.

Thanks for all your support ladies.

BTW, if you are local in the area and would like a babysitter, email me through this blog and mention babysitting in the subject line. I am infant cpr certified, babysat since I was 13 years old and LOVE kids. Love to play games with them, love to draw and color with them, and I love to help at YOUR home! I can drive myself there and back so you don't have to. I know that can be hard to do when you have a teen babysitting and not able to drive themselves back home.

Ok, done with my plug for the day.


KD said...

Congrats on the 3 oz! You are doing awesome, girl!!

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