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Thursday, August 24, 2006

so did you read August 3rd's post? guess what

I won something on the radio again today.

Dave Glover's show is giving away Movie tickets and gift card to dinner at Kriegers. I was the right caller. Actually, I was trying to win Cardinals tickets and they had already given them away and I was lucky enough to hang in there for the movie tickets and gc to kriegers. Sweet. Dinner and the movies. I love it

Do you every win?

I always try. Now I just have to remember to not try and win anything for 30 days on 97.1 fm. LOL


Anonymous said...

I love Dave Glover! Did you ge to speak with him?
-Your neighbor down the road

tubelessstl said...

no.. not this time. I called and got the phone man. but I have talked to glover on many segments for simple comments and or more complex comments. What is your fav segment he has? Mine is the Priest and the Rabbi.