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Saturday, August 19, 2006

do people know what they are selling?

I got 7.50 worth of scrapbooking supplies today at a yard sale. BRAND NEW. Average price would have been about 3.00 per pack and at 10 packs and a few page inserts, I racked up. I wish she had had more stuff. She said she thought about bringing it out, but had not. dang.

Got lots of baby clothes today. I broke down and started buying boy and girl clothes. Yes, I feel as though I am jinxing myself on us getting a match sooner than later, but I can't pass them up when they are brand new tagged still and .50 to 1.00 an outfit. NO WAY will I pass that up. I love a bargain.

I was joking with DH earlier this week about getting a part time job at Once Upon a Child as the S. County store is hiring.......... bah...... I would end up spending my paycheck there if that were the case then. ha

Fun day.

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Your friend down the street said...

You know what this means, right? Time to start coming to our Blogger Crops. We gals get together once a month or more to hang out and crop and gossip. Sometimes we go to one of the crop shops or just go to each other's houses. Think about it and let me know!