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Friday, August 18, 2006

scrapbooking bug has bit

frick. Thanks Jennifer. OMG.. I am so not wanting to do this due to trying to save for the adoption process, but man, I want to make a life adoption book now. I know DH would love it if I did an Air Force scrapbook for him too for Christmas. Hmmmm.

Luckily my friend (named above) can't go either. LOL Archivers is calling my name. I will find out what they have for the next make and take then go from there. I need supplies. I need a budget for this. I need to print some pictures because I am a bad person that takes lots of digital pictures and NEVER prints them. I need a hole in my head. Oh the fever has bit. I swear to you a year ago I swore off scrapbooking, but they can be so cute. Simple, elaborate, intriguing, complex, FUN.

Do any of you use Michael's to buy your supplies? or do you stick with CM or what is your outlet for supplies?


Paper_whore said...

I go to Michaels sometimes. Joanns is another good spot for cheap supplies. Archivers has a great selection, but they are a little more expensive. CM is overpriced and has a VERY limited selection. I RARELY buy anything from CM. I do love their circle and ocal cutting system though.

Sunshine said...

I mostly go to Hobby Lobby. Whatever they have on sale. I've gotten my best deals there. Also, I watch the Sunday paper for Michael's coupons- either 40% or 50% off one item. My mom saves hers for me, so Husband and I both go in and go through separate lines so I can get two things. Once in a while I find something decent at Target but I've pretty much given up on that.