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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Do you ever win things?

come rub me for luck because I do win once in a while....... not the most expensive things, but fun things.

Last week on WIL (yes, I won that $$ in Jan. from Cornbread) I won 4 adult 5 day passes to the Washington Town and Country Fair in Washington MO for this weekend from the daytime DJ. I love winning. I have been trying hard to win Cornbreads King Kong Kash, but have not had any luck so I decided to answer the Lost Lyric at lunch and I won! (thanks to google and lyric searches of course.. Bahahaha, hey a girls can cheat if she wants)... I found the lyrics and was the 7th caller and won these tickets. So tomorrow night DH and I are heading out there after work. It should be fun. My friend and her DH live out there and she said we will have a blast. I sure hope so. Long drive, but fun to be had. AND a free concert. HEART is playing main stage tomorrow night at 9 pm. Yes, Heart. That is one of the bands that I loved listening to growing up and I can't wait to see them in concert. Sure, they are "old" school band type of music, but you can't take that out of the girl in me.

So, what have you won lately?

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