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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

can't wait to share the love

a house of love. I want to share it. I want to give another soul the love we have in our house. Sure, after nearly 15 years of marriage we have given each other so much love that you would think it is hard to find more to give, but there is still more to build and share and cherish. We have learned and accomplished love much love for our animals. We have learned and accomplished so much love for our family members including our nieces and newphews. Now I can't wait to share another new branch of love for our child that will one day be placed in our arms forever.

The wait is hard to an extent, but each day I feel it is a great test of our love to build and grow more for that day that we get the call that we have been selected by a potential birthmothers adoption plan for her baby. I just know it will happen. WHEN is the big question, but meantime we keep our focus on the clean house, behaved dogs and kitty, safe backyard, etc.

My niece gives me a hug each time I see her(13 yrs old, my fav age) and tells me she can't wait for us to adopt and become mommy and daddy and her to become a BIG cousin to our baby. How freakin' cool is that? I remember being her age and thinking that everytime I babysat the little neighbor girl I would be such a great mommy. And now I say that and plus I say I KNOW DH will be a great daddy. My niece told me she would love to babysit for us too. Can't wait to see her holding her new cousin.

All in due time.

Those that have been through a long wait for something so exciting, isn't the reward well worth it. Remind me that the wait is FOR A SPECIAL REASON.

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Pitypat said...

The wait IS worth it.....I could not imagine my life without my little girl. We tried for 13 years and the right timing is the most important thing. We found out recently the little baby that we were in the "running" to adopt before her had a hole in his heart....i don't know if i could have handled that after all this. Our little girl is the PERFECT one for us....she even looks like us which is bizarre.....
Your baby is waiting to be born....wait patiently and it WILL happen!