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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

just another 40/64 driver

After reading the local paper about hwy 40 / 64 construction projects stepping up in the next few months and then most likely sometime in 2007 for the MAJOR work to begin between kingshighway out west to hwy 270, I am freaking out. I work around 40 and 270 and let me tell you that hwy 44 to 270 is NOT an option I like. I watch the traffic reports and hwy 270 is a slaughterhouse of vehicles that travel to N.County mostly for their jobs, so throw the traffic from hwy 40/64 on top of that and it will be a bottleneck of proportions ever consumed by St. Louis commuters. I so wish we had metrolink that came out this way to work. I know our Shrewsburry(sp) metrolink station is opening in the later Fall of 2006, but it won't come this far West to bring an idea of light rail commuting to my budget. I know car pooling will be an option, but heck, that means adding another 45mins on average to my wake up time and commute, and what if we have a baby by then, another few minutes to prep the baby and get him/her out the door with myself and my lunch pale. Gosh. I dread road construction. Just last night I went to the Cheesecake Factory with some friends out in Chesterfield Mall, driving back East on hwy 40/64 they had the lanes down to 1. It took me 20 minutes to travel from Timberlake Manor to Hwy 270 when on a normal day it is maybe a 6 minute drive. I get so depressed thinking about how the hell I am going to get to work when they do start construction on hwy 40/64. I get on at McCauseland head west and it usually takes me a total of 35 - 40 minutes to get to work. Well, that time will triple, if not quadruple even with taking secondary roads like Manchester and or 44-Big Bend-270 or just 44-270 routes. Lord help me. Construction is months away and I am really having a hissy over this. Frick. And then to think about what the cost of gas per gallon will be by then if the rates keep going up like they are? I think I will try inventing a hover craft of some sort to get to and from work......

ok take a deep breath......... Just had to vent.

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