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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time Outs, already?

Julia just has had her first day of time out with her babysitter (Aunt Chris, my sister). J has been hitting, spitting at Aunt Chris and her cousins so I told her to start with the time out corner and she did. First time this morning (sister just called me), it took her 20 tries to get Julia to stay in time out for 1 minute. We use 1 minute for each age of the child that they have to stay in time out before they can leave time out and then say they are sorry and or a full apology to the child or person they did something to. Discipline is good. I like time outs if you really work them for the benefit of the child to understand that they need to pay a consequence of quiet punishment time in time out and to realize what they did was wrong.

So now I am working on a time out place in our house. Wall by the doorway between the dining room and the hallway.

Hitting, spitting and kicking provoked the necessity of time out this past week. My sister and I see a lot alike with our discipline with kids so that helps so much for us as husband and wife to be able to do this at home with our daughter too.

Seeing them eye to eye level after the 1 minute is over for her and discussing what the reason was that we put her there for is so worth it each time plus having her say sorry and in the future to give a full apology to that person she did this bad act to will teach her to not be mean again.

How did you institute time outs?

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OHN said...

We had a little kid sized chair they had to sit in. It worked great for oldest and youngest, but middle--well he thought it was a great napping place and zonked every time he was asked to sit there :)

I will have to dig out the pictures and do a post about it...it always cracked us up!