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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hockey and Baseball all in one day...

I just sat down to check my email. Prior to that I changed the tv channels to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball preseason game in FL against Atlanta Braves. Sweet. Nice to get into the baseball thinking mode. Then I tuned in the other satellite station to the St. Louis Blues Hockey game. Ahhhhh, no better sports day than this.

We went to a mouse race fund raiser last night and had a blast. The cause is for a great friend of the family that is fighting ovarian cancer. mid-40's and fighting cancer. Just sucks, but she is doing well and was so happy to see us all last night. While participating in the card mouse game and the mouse races (well, actually they were gerbils, LOL) they held an auction. I knew there would be Cardinals Baseball items to bid on. DH and I both looked at each other and set a limit on our bidding since we just got our tax return back. WE WON a split bid on eight Diamond box seat tickets and on field viewing of batting practice with group pictures pre-game. OMG. I am so freaking excited. All we need to do is set up the date with the vp of sales that was there last night at the event. OMG.. I am so excited. We have never bought nor bid on something like this before.

So we have 4 tickets. I wonder if they will let us take Julia and maybe one our nephews with us for our 4 tickets.. if not then we need to talk about who we will invite for the other two seats. My Aunt, uncle, his sister and brother-in-law split the other 4 tickets. I don't know if we can all do the same game, but how exciting as a life-long St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan to be able to do this. I am excited about the 2009 season for the Cardinals so this takes it to a whole new level of excitement.

I truely feel as though we are getting out of the season of cold and into the season of Spring and renewed love of Sports.

GO BLUES. I really hope they can get into the playoffs. shhuuuuu, I know, I don't want to jinx the good run they are having. OH man, the blues almost scored as I am typing this. hinote tried hard. GO BLUES

Oh, the other night we were watching the Blues game and I was telling Julia that this was "Hockey" and she tried hard to repeat the word. She is looking at the screen now and said "hooociiieeee". I love it.

Have a great day.

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liffey said...

bec- under 2 yrs old is free to get into busch!