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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pain of endomitriosis

Even after having had my fully involved adenomyosis filled uterus removed in a partial laproscopic vaginal assisted hysterectomy, I still have endometriosis pain. I am near calling the ever so trusting gyn / doc and asking him to consider putting me on the list late summer to early fall for surgery to remove what might be growing in my abdomen again.

You see, along with my doctors recommendation, I agreed to leave my ovaries in after having my LAVH partial hysterecomy in May 2006 after having had 5 miscarriages (including two sets of twins) and two tubal pregnancies. The adnomyosis was so bad after having my uterus removed that my doc told my husband in the waiting room that I just knew my body and knew it so well that I had something major wrong with my ute. Believe me, I am so relieved to not have to go through the monthly god-awful pain and 8-10 day long clot filled menstral cycles. I had proven that I could not carry a pregancy past 10 weeks gestation and I was not going to live my life with a purse filled (VERY LARGE PURSE, mind you) with nearly a box of 40 tampons and at least 7 pads a day. Yes, you read that right. It was that bad. I was done. Take it out and let me begin, with my husbands love and help, to build our family through either surrogacy and or adoption. (Thanks to the love of our daughters birthmother, we are proud adoptive parents now).

Ok, gotta go to bed, the sleeping pill has kicked in. I will promise to continue this tomorrow.

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