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Monday, March 16, 2009

lack of words equals more pictures to post of fellow adoptive moms and kiddo's

All three kiddo's here are adopted through the same agency! Thanks to the mommy in the middle having let us know of A Gift of Hope Adoptions just prior to the birth of their son Liam, we signed with that same agency. All 3 of us mommies know each other from attending the former local infertility support group. So glad we met and now have 3 beautiful children to make our lives so full of love!
Landon, Liam, Julia (Richelle, Cindy & myself).

Julia in daddy's truck on the way back from her friend Landon's birthday party sporting her new cool sunglasses from her friend Liam. (ssssshhhhh, we are working on the bottle issue!! I know, I know, she should be off it, but honestly, I think she and I are just not ready. We will get the talk from the Ped at her next appointment in 2 weeks so the breaking of the bottle and bink are coming soon!)


beagle said...

That is wonderful! I am trying to come up with a simialr group here, after the fact.

Congrats to all three!

liffey said...

don't forget richelle told me abt the agency!

and i'm so impressed with julia for wearing the sunglasses that long!