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Thursday, November 06, 2008

tooth brushing, bath time, and DH's job

two of her favorite things to do in the evenings. Bath time and Tooth Brushing is so much fun. I love to let her play with her tub toys. She got a bucket of tub letters and numbers for her birthday so we play with these at every bath now (which is ever other night, thanks to Dh with taking turns!). She also loves to grab for her tooth brush right after her bath. I set her on the sink rim in her towel in front of me and then put some tooth paste on her brush and off we go to dry her and put her pj's on. I sing a silly (made-up) song about her brushing her teeth and show her how to brush back and forth and up and down. She loves to mimic what I do so she does this brushing pretty well. I love this at 13 months of age because she now has 6 teeth to keep in good shape. Now my question for you is..... when is the right age to take her in to the dentist? What age worked for you and your child? My dentist said another year or so, but should I wait until she is 2?

I remember at the age of 4 sitting in the dentist chair getting fillings in my teeth. It was horrible and I don't want her to go through that. With adoption, sometimes that is the blessing of not sharing my genetics. My paternal family history of tooth decay is horrible. I will keep on top of her dental hygiene. I will!

as far as Dh's job, he works for a local company that sold out to Big Brother and now BIGGER Brother bought Big Brother out so DH was given an end date of March 2009, but was granted an earlier out of December 15th (too much crap floating around there). DH is now hitting the beat with interviewing and trying to find a job. I so hoping he can find something locally. Please keep us in your thoughts for him to find a job. I hate this. He has worked there over 18 years now and was "displaced" about a year ago. This puts our lives on hold for many hopeful plans such as looking into adopting again or being able to plan a nice family vacation next year. I will keep my chin up for him. I spread the word as much as I can that he is looking. Please send some good Job vibes for him. Thanks.

On the adoption front, I am so excited for some friends and extended family as we know several that are match with birthfamiles.

And I leave you today with a cute pic (yes, I love the tub pictures!)

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Jannie said...

Yay! You adopted, you must be over-the-moon.

I was surfing blogs to tell about my friend Jeanne spearheading a petition to submit to Oprah and The View to spread endometriosis awareness, when I happened upon your blog.

I had 3 miscarriages, I cannot imagine NINE. Yo must be one of the most hopeful people ever.

Anyway, I have a link in my post today for where you can sign the endo petition. It will take 2 miutes or less to fill out and may do so much to help the cause!!

Thank you and congrats on your baby girl.